Walking In The Spirit

Walking In The Spirit

Keep Getting Back Up

Whether you fall down from your own mistakes or life knocks you down, hear how God does not expect perfection. Be encouraged to outlast the devil and get back up again and again when you listen to this devotion. from Walking in the Spirit http://ift.tt/2rOrU8R

Let the Word and the Spirit Ground You.

If you are feeling like you are spinning out of control due to circumstances, listen to this devotional to grab hold of your mind to hear how the Word and the Spirit agree together. Stop spinning with your circumstances today. from Walking in the Spirit http://ift.tt/2stGX81

Run to Father When You Fall

The enemy wants you to run away from the Holy Spirit when you stumble. Know you can come to the Father, even with sin on your hands, by listening to this prayer devotion. from Walking in the Spirit http://ift.tt/2tiYb4m

Give Life to God’s Thoughts

The enemy does not have to feed you constant imagination, only one seed. Hear how your reasoning gives life to the seeds of the enemy instead of the thoughts of Lord. Listen to begin thinking God today. from Walking in the Spirit http://ift.tt/2r4cicV

Abide In My Perfect Love

What does God want you to do today? Abide in His Perfect love by being in complete unity with Him. Hear what you can do to stay in perfect love and the scriptures to study. Listen to this prayer now. from Walking in the Spirit http://ift.tt/2skeYqX

Have An Eternal View On Your Life

Challenge yourself today to change your point of view? Listen how you can have an eternal view and the Bible verses to study to encourage you daily. Hear how circumstances come and go but Jesus is always there, so don’t quit. from Walking in the Spirit http://ift.tt/2rlL0Sb