Plant an AHOP

Plant an AHOP



Four times in Scripture, we see the concept of the church as a “house of prayer” (Isaiah 56:7; Jeremiah 7:11; Matthew 21:13; and Mark 11:17). In Mark, Jesus said, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’?”

Awakening House of Prayer is a church—but more than a church. It’s a church that models itself in many ways after the early church—the Book of Acts church focused on fellowship, equipping, sending, awakening and societal transformation. Awakening House of Prayer in any city is a true ekklesia—a tactical operation, organization, and deployment.


Awakening House of Prayer builds on the foundation on authentic relationships with people of like precious faith pressing in to see revival and awakening, with signs, wonders and miracles. We pray together, we worship together, we prophesy together, we preach the gospel together—and we encounter God together. We value the presence of God above all and exalt the name of Jesus.

Our network of churches and prayer houses is relational rather than denominational. Rather than setting up a structure that constricts freedom of expression in your region, we have developed a model that allows you to embrace the unique needs of your city without compromising your unique voice as you advance our shared vision.

Before you take the name AHOP we want to get to know you, understand what the Lord is saying to you about the needs of your city. We’d like you to understand who we are and what we believe so we can agree that our relationship is rightly aligned. If we’re all in agreement, we’ll move forward in helping you launch or relaunch your church, apostolic center, revival hub—or whatever terminology you use.


An Awakening House of Prayer  leader will e-mail and call you to get to know you on a more personal level and share with you more about what God is doing in your region.

We ask that you take some time to explore our founder’s bio, as well as the vision and values of Awakening House of Prayer.

You will receive MP3 materials to listen to after you complete the introduction form.

If possible, visit a house of prayer in our network.


An AHOP leader will approve you to start building your ministry in your community, including launching worship and prayer gatherings under the AHOP banner.. We will provide you a logo file for your materials, as well as other documents that will help you cast vision.


We know planting a church can be overwhelming, exciting, frustrating and inspiring all at the same time. We want to offer you the support you need. Here’s what we can offer you as part of the AHOP family.

  • An AHOP logo file with your city name
  • A website with your city expression
  • Training through our phone seminars and conferences
  • Advice and encouragement
  • Networking and relationships
  • And much more

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