Sweden’s Remnant Will Swing the Nation

As part of the Awakening Digital World Tour, the Lord is speaking to me in prayer about man nations.

One of our first stops is Sweden, a nation I’ve ministered in before. In 2018, the Lord spoke to me about an apostolic-prophetic prayer strategy to see revival in Sweden. You can read that here.

In July 2020, I heard the Lord say:

“There is a remnant in Sweden that can swing the nation toward My plans and purposes. There is a remnant hidden in the outcast churches and even in homes who will not bow to secularism and other “isms” that are working to erode the foundations of justice in Sweden. 

“Cry out now for the remnant to emerge and unite in prayer. For one can put 1,000 to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight. Build your flight team now and watch My Spirit move in response to your cries. I will hear your cries and I will heal your land. I will restore the foundations humanism has eroded. I will bridge the gap among the generations. I will do it at the sound of your voice. 

“So rise up now and step up now and stand up now. Look up. Lift your heads and your voice and the King of Glory will come visit you. You will see visitations, outpourings, refreshings and renewals as you repent on behalf of the sins of your land and persist in crying out to Me for My will to be done and My Kingdom come in Sweden as it is in heaven.”

I am praying for Sweden and many strong intercessors are pressing in. I was encouraged by our meeting. 


You can watch the video of the meeting here:


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