Prophetic Word Over Wales Speaks to Voice Rising in Europe

As part of the Awakening Digital World Tour, we stopped in Wales. I spent a good deal of time in Wales in the city where Evan Roberts launched the Welsh Revival. We also walked the streets of Cardiff.

I was taken back by much of what I saw. Revival has more than waned in Wales, yet there is a root of awakening and God is looking for intercessors to water that root with intercession. I heard the Lord say:

“Wales, o Wales, I am calling you back to destiny.

“For I ordained you as a revival firestarter among the European nations. I have called you to pick up the mantle of Evan Roberts and begin to pray without ceasing again. I have called you to put aside the rebellion and the ways of the world and be an example of a burning shining lamp again, a forerunner for a new awakening in Europe.

“I will call other forerunners along side you to pray with and for you as you take your place in the lampstand. I will give you strategies to penetrate the darkness that is invading Europe and you will be a leader among the nations even though you are among the smallest of the European nations.

“I will do all this if you will turn to Me again, if you will look to Me again, if you will cry out to Me again. I want to water the root of awakening the remains. I want to strengthen the revival history in a new generation that has long forgotten the heritage of your great land.

“Rise up and pray and watch Me move in responses to your petitions. I will deliver you and raise you up again as a voice in Europe.”


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